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Want to Have Fun and Get to Know Your Neighbors?
Some of our most involved neighbors are moving or have decided
to spend time on some other volunteer opportunities. That opens up
some great opportunities for some of our other neighbors to participate
n the Association. We are looking to expand our activities and create
committee Chair people to organize the activities.
Some of the Committees we need help with are:
1.  A Welcome Committee
2.  Street Captains to help with newsletter distribution and information contacts
3.  Event Committee to plan the activities and events we enjoy in the neighborhood.​
What would you like to do? Notify John Heins (865-297-7045) or Donnie Ernst (865-207-9355) and let them know! 
Voluntieering Group

Wesley Neighbors Community Association History

Wesley Neighbors Community Association was formed in the spring of 2001. Neighbors met at the request of the Knoxville Police Department in March 2001 and agreed to form this association to focus on the community's particular needs such as traffic safety, pedestrian safety, and litter. There had already been a successful litter-cleanup the prior spring, and some residents were already working on traffic calming and sidewalks.

Neighbors agreed to seek professional startup advice from the Knoxville Police Department's Neighborhood Watch program and from the Center for Neighborhood Development. A steering committee drafted the bylaws based on professional guidance and nominated the officers. The bylaws were adopted and the officers were elected on May 1, 2001.

In the spring of 2002, Wesley Neighbors obtained a 501(c)4 nonprofit designation from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. The 501(c)4 differs from the more familiar 501(c)3 in that it applies to groups with limited geographic representation and membership.

An official nonprofit incorporation charter was obtained from the State of Tennessee in the spring of 2003, making Wesley Neighbors a legally recognized community association.

Wesley Neighbors engaged the East Tennessee Community Design Center in January 2004 to help prove to the City of Knoxville that traffic calming is needed and wanted in the neighborhood.
Wesley Neighbors Community Association's Mission is to build neighborliness and address quality-of-life needs in the community such as traffic safety, littering, and codes enforcement.

Who are We?

Residents are educated business and professional people. They include teachers, professors, engineers, small business owners, and retirees from these professions.
  • Diverse households include families, young couples, singles, and seniors.
  • Homes range from about $125,000 to $400,000 in market value.
  • Children go to the West Hills Elementary School, Bearden Middle School, and West High School.
  • Residents shop and dine nearby and are loyal to businesses that provide good products and services.
  • Residents participate in community, church, political, and similar civic activities.
  • Neighborliness, beauty, and safety are important to residents.
Wesley Neighbors' Bylaws are based on a model provided by the Center for Neighborhood Development.
They are available for downloading in the Acrobat Reader "PDF" format. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can download it free of charge from the Acrobat site. This software will enable you to download Acrobat documents from other web sites, too.
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