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April 2021 is Here! ...and

Healthy West Hills is BACK! 

The office of Neighborhood Empowerment for the city of Knoxville is embarking on a new program called WELL KNOX. 
Join us for some great neighborhood events, including Backyard Yoga (April 11) and Pickle ball (April 15). Click here for more!

April Recipe

Wesley Cuisine from Rhea & Geoff Kenney



The Great West Hills Trash Pick -Up will be on Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 9 am. We meet at the corner of Wesley Road and Stockton Drive.

Come join us!

All you'll need (bags, gloves, picker-uppers, and especially coffee and donuts) will be provided.  

A few photos from 2018 (click the pics below)

May Dog Walk
There were 18 participants in the Second Annual Dog Walk on Saturday, May 12. We had 18 dogs also. A booth was set up by Pet Supplies Plus and lots of "freebies" were given away. Plan to attend next year. What a great way to meet the neighbors and exercise together.


Summer Pool Party
One of our most fun family events! Jack and Sherrill Creed have a wonderful pool and deck area where in 2018 we enjoyed gathering and celebrated “Summer in the Neighborhood!”


Holiday Dinner
Our Annual Holiday Dinner was a great success! We were honored to have Ambassador Victor Ashe as our guest speaker and he entertained and informed us about his time in Poland.