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sidewalk coming soon!

we did it!

wesley neighbors sidewalk.jpg
There was a celebration held for the approval of a new sidewalk on Sheffield Road.
Many neighbors and city officials, past and present, attended.
Thanks to all!!

Anne Crais, right, chants as West Hills residents and students walk to West Hills Elementary School Wednesday, April 13, 2016, in an effort to get the city to build sidewalks along Sheffield Drive. The march started at the corner of Kingston Pike and Wesley Drive and the protesters traveled along Sheffield Drive to the school. (Photo: MICHAEL PATRICK/NEWS SENTINEL)

Sheffield Drive sidewalk advocates and walkers Sandy Robinson, left, and Anne Crais.


(Photo: John Shearer/Shopper News)

Emily Ernst holds up a sign in support of a sidewalk for West Hills' Sheffield Drive.


(Photo: John Shearer/Shopper News)

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